Vegan Designers


Vegan Designers



Stella McCartney is the cream of the crop.  You can see many of Stella’s designs on celebrities.  The great thing about Stella McCartney is that all of her shoes and bags are vegan.  She has a full line of shoes and bags. With great shoes like these

              stella leopard  stella python

and bags like these

 stella large bagstella small bag

Why would you ever want to wear an animal product?

  You can view her designs at



When I was visiting Stella McCartney in Soho New York they directed me to a nearby store called Melissa.  Melissa is a Brazilian company that uses plastic for its shoes. Melissa says that the plastic in the shoes can be 100% recyclable.  She also claims that the plastic has allowed her to translate texture and touch into their most sensual and sculptural forms.  Melissa has partnerships with very well known designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Jason Wu, and Vivienne Westwood.  Here are a couple of her designs.

 melissa 1melissa 2

You can view Melissa’s collection at the following link



Emilie M Handbags is a great designer I found on (link to Emilie M below).  The bags are cute and stylish.  Virtually all of the bags I looked at are vegan.  I found the following statement at the product site of one of the bags.

 emilie m statement

I will try to confirm with the designer that all of the products are vegan.

 Here are some examples of the cute bags, both of which are vegan.

 emilie m bag 1emilie m bag 2

A link to Emilie M at Shop Lately



Bucco Capensis is a designer that offers vegan shoes.  The shoes are very stylish.  Here are a couple of examples.

 bucco 2bucco 1

The link to their website



Gunas is a designer that offers 100% cruelty-free bags.  Many of their bags are very chic.  I would not mind carrying these on my arm.

 gunas 2gunas 1

The link to their website



Amrita Singh is a designer I found recently on Living Social.  Every handbag I have investigated so far has been vegan.  I will confirm with the designer that all of the bags are vegan.  She carries cute bags such as

 amrita singh 1amrita singh 2

The link to her website




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