New York City Visit

I visited New York City last week.  I cut a vegetarian swath through Brooklyn and Manhattan, trying Zen Palate and Rockin’ Raw with friends, and buying out Babycakes of all of their vegan pastries.  But, food is not the purpose of this blog.

I visited Barney’s with my friend Pam, but the most fun was visiting Stella McCartney in Soho.  Her Soho store is much larger than the boutique in Las Vegas.  I was so enchanted to see all of the lovely shoes and bags, every one of them vegan!  You can link to Stella McCartney’s site here

Purpose of this blog

Hello everyone.  Welcome to  My name is Debby.  I have been vegan for over 11 years and a fashionista for about 20 years.  I generally don’t have trouble reconciling the two – except for shoes and bags (and sometimes belts).  I like to wear designer clothing and keep up with current trends, but that is very difficult when you do not wear leather (or suede, or python, or other animal skins).

This page is devoted to help the compasisonista find fashionable shoes and bags while holding to your ethical values.  Hopefully we can convince major designers to offer vegan products.  Wouldn’t that be sweet!